Biomass resources and thermal conversion biomass to biofuel for cleaner energy: A review


  • Thi Bich Ngoc Nguyen Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (FEEE), Ho Chi Minh University of Transport, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Nguyen Viet Linh Le Faculty of Automotive Engineering, School of Engineering and Technology, Van Lang University, Ho Chi Minh City



Biofuel is considered as one of the solutions to future energy problems. Unlike fossil fuels, biofuel is a renewable fuel source produced from biomass. Biomass comes from a wide variety of plants and animals and even waste. Therefore, the production of biofuel from biomass is promising not only to solve energy problems but also to solve other social problems. This study will present some of the most potential biomass sources and thermal conversion processes of biomass for biofuel production. 


biomass resources, thermal conversion, combustion, pyrolysis, gasification


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